Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to go through a bank for a loan when purchasing a property. That’s where SecurWest comes in. Our SecurWest team manages the arrangement between private buyers and sellers who choose not to use traditional financing options.

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what is long-term escrow?

Long-term escrow is a service that facilitates contracts between buyers and sellers who choose not to use a traditional financial institution for a loan.

Acting as a third party facilitator, SecurWest acts as the financial institution, exchanging payments between buyer and seller until the note is paid in full and handling details like retaining the original documents for safekeeping, accepting and dispersing funds, calculating principal and interest and retaining reserves for taxes and insurance.

Why Choose Long-Term Escrow?

There are a variety of reasons that long-term escrow might be a good choice for you. Whether you are unbanked, running into roadblocks with other financial institutions or have a family property that doesn’t need to go through traditional funding methods, we can help.


If you do not use a bank or financial institution, it may be difficult to get a loan to buy property. If a seller agrees to hold a note until the loan is paid in full, long-term escrow may be a great option for you.


Maybe you’ve met with financial institutions and keep hitting road blocks in the process of getting a loan. Once you’ve gone through multiple attempts to work with a bank or credit union, meet with us.


Sometimes when property changes hands within a family, the family members may have a mutual agreement but they need someone to hold the note and agreement. We’re happy to help facilitate this arrangement.

apply for long-term escrow

If you are interested in working with us for long-term escrow services, start by filling out the uniform escrow agreement below and a W-9 form. Once you are all set up, we will handle the details, ensuring a safe and secure process for both parties.

We are happy to share our schedules for setup and maintenance fees so you know what those costs will be moving forward. Also please note that we do not recommend emailing your social security number for security purposes; instead we invite you to drop off signed documents or mail them to our PO box.

*Note: You must complete BOTH the Escrow Agreement AND W-9 Form.

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Up to $37,500








$350,000.01 and up


Monthly Fee*


Quarterly Fee*


Semi-Annual Fee*


Annual Fee*


Irregular Payment






Partial Releases


Default Closure


Scheduled Closure (includes payoff quote)

*fees include one check for disbursement
$3.00 for each additional check
$1.00 for each payment advice over two per payment
$5.00 additional per payment for reserve accounts

securwest faq

Find answers to common questions about setting up and maintaining a long-term escrow account through SecurWest.

Do you take credit card payments?
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No. We only accept payment by check and wire transfer.

Do you take payment over the phone?
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No, but you can mail or drop off a check at our Bozeman office or wire transfer.

Do you ACH payment from my account?
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You can pay your bill online and have a check cut to SecurWest. Set it up as a reoccurring payment from your account.

How can I pay?
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Check, wire transfer or cash. We cannot accept cash payments over $10,000.

What are my fees?
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Please see fee schedule.

I am a seller financing the buyer, how do I get paid?
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A check mailed or ACH transfer.

Can I view my account online?
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Not at this time, but we are happy to get you a printout and/or statement.

Will I get something in the mail for my taxes?
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You will receive a year-end interest statement that will be mailed mid-January.

What type of work does SecurWest do? Only real property?
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We currently only work with real property. We currently do not work in personal property.

Should I be concerned about wire fraud?
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Simple answer, YES. If you plan to wire funds to Security Title Company for Long Term Escrow please note our instructions will NEVER change. Call our main line, 406.522.5500, and ask one of your Escrow Team Members to confirm the instructions. Education is important and here are three helpful and informative videos. Your money is important to you and Security Title Company.

  1. Protect Your Money
  2. Wire Fraud Tips
  3. Fraud Recovery Story

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