Use these handy calculators for cost estimates. Remember, rates are always changing, so these numbers are estimates and may not reflect exact final costs. For the most exact numbers, contact a human at our office. They always know better than computers.

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Standard Owner's Rate:
${{ rate | formatNumber }}
Extended Owner's Rate
${{ extendedRate | formatNumber }}
Standard Lender's Rate
${{ lendersRate | formatNumber }}
Extended Lender's Rate
${{ lendersExtendedRate | formatNumber }}
Standard Mortgagee Simultaneous
${{ simultaneousRate | formatNumber }}
Extended Mortgagee Simultaneous
${{ simultaneousExtendedRate | formatNumber }}
The information included here is provided for reference purposes only. Security Title Company does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information displayed herein. Inclusion of any information provided here does not constitute an endorsement of the accuracy of that information. Security Title Company makes no warranty of that information and assumes no legal liability.

seller: escrow closing


buyer: escrow closing


refinance: escrow closing


developer*: escrow closing


recording documents




warranty deed: legal document creation


reconveyance: payoff lender request

*reach out to our office to discuss Developer Rates and how to qualify for Title and Escrow Discounts.

estimate future payments

Estimate your monthly loan repayments with our amortization calculator. We also encourage you to consider the value of adding in an extra monthly payment to your plans; this will significantly reduce the term of your loan and the amount you are paying over time. These are just estimates. For the most accurate information, contact us and talk to a human directly.

Enter the loan amount, term, and interest rate of the property to see the amortization rate.
You can add extra payments every month, once a year, or add just a one-time mortgage payment at a certain time.
Extra Monthly Payment
Extra Yearly Payment
Extra One-Time Payment


Monthly Payment
${{ monthlyPayment | formatNumber }}
Total Principal Paid
${{ formattedLoanAmount }}
Total Interest Paid
${{ formattedTotalInterestPaid | formatNumber }}
Payoff Date
{{ payoffDate }}

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Yearly Totals

Date Interest Principal Balance

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for the most accurate calculations.

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